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Dr. Vanessa Herder, PhD

About Vanessa.

Vanessa's field of expertise is the mammalian anti-viral immune response.


With her research she focusses on the role of the innate and adaptive immune response during virus infections. She is dedicated to understand what drives some hosts during virus infection severyl ill and some not.

Find her publications here:




She is also an author of a book sharing her experience working as a veterinary pathologist.

Veterinary Experimental Pathologist

She has more than 15 years of experience in designing pathology-focussed experiments during my work in academia for my own research and also in national and international collaborations for others.

Veterinary Diagnostic Pathologist
​The health of your companion animal depends on the correct histopathological diagnosis.​​ She worked as a diagnostic pathologist in academia during her residency in pathology and also as a board-certified pathologist (Dipl. ECVP) since 2015.


Her focus has always been equine pathology; dogs, cats and wildlife. She also worked on forensic cases and has a special passion for difficult and complex cases.

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Think Pathology

Dedicated to understand disease pathogenesis.

You need consultancy in veterinary pathology

Interviews & Podcasts

Vanessa's work in Interviews and Podcasts.


She's a Belter!

Vanessa lives in Glasgow, Scotland and loves the city and its diversity - you canny beat it.

The most valuable lesson Glasgow taught me is:


[doing something with all your energy and passion]


Glasgow, you're gorgeous. Thank you.


Thank you for reaching out!

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